Saturday, September 4, 2010

Rite of Passage....

Outside it’s dark, wet and damn cold. Inside the car it’s dark, and damn cold but at least it’s dry.

“Tell me again how you lost your wipers.”

“I have no idea!” I say with exasperation. “There were there when I arrived and now they are gone.”

Running into you in Sears was a pleasant surprise in an otherwise stressful day of shopping. After a brief explanation of why I was wandering around the mall with a pair of windshield wipers, you offered to help. My knight in shining armor. Of course your chivalrous tendencies stopped short of fixing my wipers in the pouring rain. Hence the freezing wait in your car.

“Well, I guess you’re lucky Sears had an Auto Center.”

“Yeah, I’m feeling real lucky right now! Turn on your seat heaters; I’m freezing my ass off.”

“Give it a minute; the car will be warm in no time.”

“Okay, it’s been a minute but my ass is still cold!”

“You are the most impatient woman I’ve ever met!”

I can’t see you very well; the street light casts only a dim light down this side street, but the amusement is plain in your voice.

I narrow my eyes at you. “It’s been a busy day and my patience ran out somewhere between Toys R Us and HomeGoods.”

You slide your hand between my legs. “See! It’s already heating up.”

Yes, it is. In more than one way. I’m cursing the fact I’m wearing jeans. But I can still feel the heat of your hand through the fabric. And just like that, I’m not cold anymore.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

This was not supposed to be a booty call....

All I had wanted was a cup of tea; specifically, a venti Starbucks chai tea latte. The heater in the hotel room kept me up all night and I was not functioning at my best. A good hot, sweet cup of tea would cure what ails me, and let me focus on the work ahead. I texted you, “I need tea”, fully expecting you to tell me to get off my ass and get it myself.

You had, in fact, successfully avoided my room all weekend. Despite our client changing the order of the presentation – again - you chose to do make the changes on a laptop in the bar or the hotel’s Business Center. You told me in no uncertain terms, we would get no work done if we met in either of our rooms.

Perhaps, based on the fact that you are currently straddling my chest, your fingers inside me and your dick in my mouth, you might have had a point. But I’m getting ahead of myself…