Monday, November 30, 2009

Once upon a time ...... a woman issues a challenge

He motions for her to sit down. Whoever he is talking to on the phone is not giving him much opportunity to contribute to the conversation.

“Who are you talking to?” she whispers.

Covering the mouthpiece with his hand he says, “Jayson.”

She rolls her eyes and gets up to go. He could be on the phone for hours. It’s a shame because she has the sort of itch that he is usually very good at scratching. Frankly, she is so horny that she very nearly drove to work that morning with two wheels on the rumble-strip; except that would mean driving in the slow lane and she doesn’t like the slow lane.

Her friend stretches, working out some of the tension she knows he holds in his shoulders and then relaxes into his seat. He spreads his legs, getting comfortable. She likes watching how his shirt tightens across his chest as he moves. Her eyes move down his body, settling on his crotch. The beginnings of sexual excitement begin to flutter deep inside her. Damn, I’m easy, she thinks as she spins his seat around and starts to rub his shoulders.

The man is a mess of knots and tension. He needs to do yoga or something; although the idea of him in a leotard in the downward dog position makes her smile. Rubbing his shoulders reminds her of a conversation they had had a week or so ago about the difference between a massage therapist and a masseuse. An idea flowers in her mind.

Taking the pad of paper he was doodling on, she writes, Are you up for a challenge?

He takes the pen from her, ???

- A challenge. I have a challenge for you

- What kind of a challenge? She can almost hear the suspicion radiating off the page.

- I’m going to give you a blow job. If you can finish the phone call, you win whatever you want. What do you want?

He snatches the pen back and scrawls, Are you crazy?

- Yep. That’s why you love me. Do we have a deal?

- What do you mean finish the phone call?

She rolls her eyes. The man always needs all the details!

- IF you can continue the phone call while I’m blowing you, you win whatever you want. You have to be able to continue the call and Jayson cannot know what’s going on. With me so far?

- Yes

- If you can’t continue the phone call or if Jayson figures out something is ‘wrong’, I win whatever I want. Still with me?

- Yes

- What would you want?

- That’s easy. Another blow job.

She laughs then covers her mouth trying to keep quiet. Her friend gives her a pointed look, and tells Jayson, “It’s Eve and she’s just leaving.” He points to the chair in an indication she should sit and stay. Eve narrows her eyes at him, puts her hands up in front of her like a dog and mimes panting.

Ignoring her, he writes, What do you win if I can’t keep up the charade?

- I get to duct tape you to my bed and force-feed you Viagra for a week.

When she slides the paper in front of him, he chokes back a nervous laugh and covers the mouthpiece with the palm of his hand. He can’t tell if she’s serious or not.

“This is going to be easy if you can’t even hold back a laugh.” She leans forward to whisper in his ear, “If I can make you laugh that easily, imagine how hard it will be to keep quiet when I’m under your desk.” She trails a hand down his chest. Moving to stand in front of him, between his legs, she continues to whisper, “How hard it will be to keep quiet when you feel my mouth on your dick. How hard it will be when I lick your balls.” She undoes his belt. “Or when I suck you deep into my throat.” She slides her hands down his pants, and is gratified to find he is already semi hard. She smiles, cat-like.

He reaches over and writes on the paper, You can be such a bitch! She shrugs and takes the pen.

- I know. Do we have a deal?

Her friend closes his eyes for a second, then nods. Eve sinks to her knees, quickly and efficiently unbuttoning his fly. Once he is free, she slows down, kissing his stomach, breathing in the smell of his warm male body. She doesn’t know how long Jayson has been on the phone and doesn’t know how long she has to make him come. She needs to get him hard and get bring him to the edge quickly. Once he’s there she can back off a little; slow things down.

He has no idea why he has agreed to this; except that he wants her mouth on him. She’s a habit he can’t kick; if he is honest he doesn’t want to kick this particular habit. Especially when she does that!!

He has to bite his lip when he feels her hot breath on his dick. This is going to be MUCH harder than I thought. She hasn’t even touched him yet, and he is already sweating. When she wraps her long fingers around him, he forces himself to concentrate on Jayson’s voice as he explains the upcoming sales audit. It’s boring enough that he can tune out what she is doing…. for about a nanosecond.

She has hold of his dick firmly at the base. Her other hand is skimming across his balls, they tighten and he knows he is in trouble. She explores him with her tongue, licking down his shaft, and swirling that clever and mind-blowing tongue around the head of his penis.

He looks down at her, making eye contact. There is something to be said for the sight of a woman between your legs, sucking your dick. This particular woman, however, is very clearly enjoying herself – and not because she wants to pleasure you, but because she wants to own you. And that turns him on even more.

Damn her! Her self-satisfaction is evident in her grin. The glint of challenge flashes in her eyes. She swallows him, sucking him into her mouth, sliding her tongue down his shaft. He knows she loves feeling him harden in her mouth, but he doesn’t much care what she likes right now. The wet, heat of her mouth, the feel of her tongue stroking him, her hands on his balls all make him forget pretty much everything.

“Er… hello?”

He struggles to concentrate on Jayson. “Uh huh?” he says.

“Well, what do you think?” Jayson asks.

“’Bout what?” he sucks in his breath as Eve flicks the tip of his dicks with her tongue. She is watching him struggle to talk to Jayson with ill disguised triumph.

She can’t win! He gathers his thoughts and says almost calmly, “I agree with your assessment.” He bites his lip again as Eve sucks the tip in and out of her mouth quickly, “Errr… carry on with your presentation!” The last few words came out a little higher than he would have liked and with a definite squeak but after a brief pause Jayson returned to his spiel.

As Jayson runs through sales figures, gives explanations for over ages here, adjusts next month’s budget there, her friend tried to focus on every single word. He attempts to separate his mind from his body, which is betraying him rapidly.

Eve is doing something with her tongue to the really super sensitive part below the head of his dick and he realizes he is sighing in Jayson’s ear.

“Errrr, are you sure you are okay?”

“Yes. Just. Stretching.”

She swallowed him whole, stroking his shaft with her tongue as she bobs her head up and down. An unconscious guttural groan forms in his throat. He swallows it best as he can. But he isn’t quick enough.

“Dude!! What is your problem??”

“Nothing. I had the, err… bean burrito for lunch and I, ahhh… think it’s disagreeing with me.”

Eve chuckles which only makes it worse for her friend as the vibration of her laughter is transferred directly to his dick. Her hand is on his balls, which feel like they are electrified - in a good way. The hair on the back of his neck stands on end and he is sure his head is sweating. He’s in imminent danger of losing his control and losing the bet.

“That’s way too much information.” Jayson says but Eve’s friend is unable to concentrate on anything but Eve.

Eve knows he is in trouble, his leg has begun to shake and his dick has fattened in her mouth. She pumps with her hand and sucks him deep into her mouth. He knows he should close his legs if he has any hope of maintaining his composure but he opens them wider giving her greater access. She reaches between his legs to massage his balls and his perineum.

“Sorry!” He is practically panting down the phone. The tingling associated with his orgasm concentrates in his balls, building and he knows Eve has won.

“Gotta go!” he snaps his phone shut. For a mind expanding moment he is held on the edge and then something inside him bursts; he releases the orgasm and empties himself down her throat. She swallows his cum, sucking him dry.

When he opens his eyes, Eve is sitting on the corner of his desk grinning like the Cheshire Cat.

“I won.” She says simply.

“One could argue that I won, seeing as I was the one who got a blow job.”

She rolls her eyes and pushes herself off the desk.

“Where are you going?”

“To Target to buy some Duct Tape.” She says with a grin. “TTFN.”