Sunday, December 21, 2008

Point of view

Recently, I have been thinking about point-of-view. I talked a little while back about the potential differences between women and men’s fantasies. I suspected women needed explanation of motivation and may want more emotional connection; on the other hand men were more likely to want to get right down the action.

A friend posed this question to me last week: Is it possible for a man and a woman to experience the same emotion during sex? It’s a great question and I have been mulling it over for a while. The conclusion I have reached is I’m not sure it is. What do you think?

Every sensory experience we have, sexual or not, is filtered through the various ‘lenses’ of our lives. All the information we receive has to pass through the filter of our gender, our religion (or lack there-of), our family up-bringing, and any related past experiences. To name just a few. Possibly gender is the strongest of these ‘lenses’. (Religion is way up there on the list but that’s another topic! One day I will re-write the story of Adam and Eve……)

There is a wide divergence between how men and women are taught, both subconsciously and consciously, about sex. Obviously our bodies are very different. Thankfully, our bodies are very different!

How a woman experiences, on a physical level, hands on her breasts will vary from how a man experiences hands on his chest. But, perhaps more importantly, the emotional reaction to the same physical experience is different too.

Which got me to thinking, how would a woman and a man experience and interpret the same sexual adventure? Clearly, I have a better idea of the female point of view, being a female. Putting myself in the male point of view is much more difficult. Frankly I’m making it up as I go!

So, I am writing two stories. Both are about a man and a woman stranded in a hotel by a snow storm. But one story is from the woman’s point of view and the other from his. As I’m sure you have come to expect, there will be fucking, this is an erotic story blog after all.

The first story, from the woman’s point of view, is nearly done. I’ll post it soon. The male point of view may take a little longer… as always you can email me with suggestions.